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Our history, collaboration and advice

  As providers of leading companies in the telecommunications market service jobs develop, authority and management of telecommunications sites, implementation of work plans, Measurement, Environmental Impact Studies (EIS), NIR measurement reports and representations to National, Provincial and Municipal.

   Having participated in the Seminar on Non-Ionizing Radiation Workshop that was organized by the Secretariat of Environmental Policy (SPA) will be held in the city of La Plata in the month of September 2006, with the participation of most municipalities in the province and serve as a starting point for modification of Resolution 900/05 by Resolution 144/07 which regulates the processing and obtaining the permission of the Establishment and Operation of the Site Generators of electromagnetic fields in the frequency range above 300 KHz

   Res current and 144/07, procedures for Telefónica Móviles Argentina SA -MOVISTAR operator-first Installation and Operation Permit for an existing generating equipment in the area of ​​the Province of Buenos Aires.

   Since 2008, within the framework of cooperation with the National Technological University, UTN, we offer our cooperation with regard to the issue of Environmental Electromagnetic Fields, the theme of NIR and mobile phones at the national, provincial and municipal levels. Proof of this participation in the development of the various workshops called "Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation, experience and advance to the Provincial level" that have covered various municipalities in the province of Buenos Aires.

    In 2009, ACG Consultora with URS Corporation provides our collaboration on environmental management to the Spanish company SENER for participation in international bidding for the conversion of the Central Electricity Generating Party Gral Pueyrredón Argentina.

   In October 2010 we participated as exhibitors at the "X International Fair and Congress for Local Governments", developed at the La Rural City of Buenos Aires from 12 to 14 October. Being invited to the Panel for the Environment with the presentation by Dr. Fernando Andreoli on the theme "Environmental Management for Non-Ionizing Radiation from the Municipal area" which will be attended by officials of municipalities and agencies in Latin America , Portugal and Spain.

  Since October 2010, under the Cooperation and Assistance Agreement concluded between the OPDS and the National Technological University, UTN, collaborates in the layout and performance of a series of Workshops on Non-Ionizing Radiation to dictate to all municipalities the province.

   These workshops, which are designed to provide attendees with a staff level of basic knowledge on the subject of the generator sites of non-ionizing radiation are mainly for officials and experts from the areas of Public Works, Private Works, Planning and Environment to facilitate the completion of specific tasks of each municipality in the ratings that I will build consensus and action to specific areas of the OPDS in the implementation of Resolution 144/07

   Assessments have also been provided in other provinces, such as participation in May 2010 in the Province of Santiago del Estero, the meeting scheduled by the University of La Matanza and Provincial Secretary of Economy with the participation of representatives of all municipalities, with the participation of President Enrique COPITEC Honor on behalf of ACG Consultora Dr. Fernando Andreoli lecturing on the topic "Environmental Management of Electromagnetic Fields from Cellular base stations."

  To represent the german company Gigahertz Solutions for all of Latin America, in its entire line of Measuring Instruments High and Low Frequencies, Network Disconnects and other protective armor products in relation to electromagnetic fields.


  Develop the sale of the products of the german company YShield, for Paint Line 54 HSF, curtain fabrics and foils for glass-RDF-high and low frequencies, in relation to electromagnetic fields. 

  We integrate CORPORATE ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBER -C.E.M.A.-made by companies that provide goods and services for environmental preservation and improvement of qualityof life. They are pillars of C.E.M.A. comply with applicable law, with the methods and apply the highest standards of ethics help to better understanding and resolving environmental conflicts of the various social components.

Dr. Fernando Andreoli -on behalf of our company- member since its inception, at the invitation of the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development -OPDS- the STANDING ADVISORY COMMISSION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION NONIONIZING OF THE PROVINCE OF BUENOS AIRES

It works with FUNDETEC - the Fundaciónn Development Telecommunications , Electronics and Computer COPITEC - of - the Professional Council of Telecommunications Engineering , Electronic and Computer - on assistance and cooperation agreements with national agencies , provincial and municipal to facilitate Environmental Management Structures , Antennas and Non-Ionizing Radiation .

Continue to actively participate in projects , advice and control of non-ionizing radiation and environmental management. -

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