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Mission, Vision and Values


·                    MISSION
 Is represented by:

"Providing a differentiated service consulting so that our clients fill in the current regulations on environmental management and make more efficient use of thestructures that count. In addition, market innovative instruments for measuring low and high frequencies and other protective shielding products, which provide efficient solutions to users, ensuring quality, satisfaction and functionality. "

·                     VISION
           We propose:
"Being a leading company with national reach in providing environmental consulting services and marketing of technologies related to measurement, according to theneeds of our customers.
In turn, we intend to make people and institutions aware of the importance of correct application of existing technologies, aiming at improving the environment in which we are engaged, through the implementation of environmental policies more active andefficient.

·                   VALUES
We believe that accountability and professionalism are key elements for developing and maintaining lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers.
We are known for the friendly, since this factor can perform more efficiently and effectively the company's activities
Our agency has the integrity and respect for the legal and moral and social conductthat is deemed appropriate.
We pursue excellence and quality in our business, trying to identify opportunities for improvement and incorporate them in order to continuously improve the service andproducts offered to our customers.
We promote the care and protection of the environment, we firmly believe that only by becoming aware of the consequences of our actions today, can improve the future
 We direct our effort to try to meet the needs of our customers.
 We believe that permanent and continuous training is an important tool in modern times that can adapt to changing situations and respond to early and successfulmarket requirements


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