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Area Services

 Composed of qualified professionals with proven experience, registered withprofessional bodies and Professional Registry Provincial Sustainable DevelopmentAgency, OPDS-development includes the following tasks:

  • Municipal Viability Studies for Mobile Phone Sites
  • Feasibility Studies Air Force Mobile Phone Sites
  • Search Mobile Phone Sites
  • Hiring of Mobile Phone Sites
  • Contract Renewal
  • Municipal Ratings
  • Requirements Analysis and Evaluation of National Authorities, Provincial andMunicipal
  • I Development of Business Approvals by authorities at national, provincial andmunicipal
  • Audit Records
  • Site Surveys
  • Surveys of sensitive sites
  • Making Plans:
  •       Construction
  •       Projects Under Construction
  •       Electromechanical
  •       Measurement
  •       Measurement and Technical Report
  •      Municipal Enabling Sketch
  • Calculation Making Memories
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