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Non-Ionizing Radiation

Comprised of professionals with recognized training and experience, is responsible for the development of NIR measurement tasks, as well as the Sales, Consulting andTraining related to measuring instruments Low and High Frequency, SpectrumAnalyzers, Disconnects Red Shield Industries, as is the case of shielding paints andfabrics in relation to electromagnetic fields.
Measurement of High Frequency and Low Frequency
Preparation of reports for measuring NIR
Implementation of Permanent Monitoring Systems Mobile Phone Sites
Advice, training, equipping and Development Control Assessment and Environmental Management in Electromagnetic Fields

Measuring tasks are performed by a trained team that includes registered professionals in the COPITEC. The task includes the completion of a report of NIR inthe terms regulated by the Resolution 3690/04 of the CNC, as well as the requisitionrequired by the OPDS in the area of the Province of Buenos Aires. This report concludes that the Site Builder is complying with the limits for exposure toelectromagnetic fields generating capacity in the range of frequencies above 300 kHzset by Resolution 202/95 of MSyAS

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