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Non-Ionizing Radiation Legislation



City of Buenos Aires


 The City of Buenos Aires, capital of the Republic of Argentina, created the Environmental Protection Agency by Law No. 2628 as independent agency whose purpose is to protect environmental quality through the planning, programming and implementation of necessary actions to comply with the Environmental Policy of the City of Buenos Aires. 

Decree No. 138/08 established the Environmental Protection Agency in its capacity as most competent body will a...[See more]

Concepts and Definitions


- Power density ( S) 

Is the power per unit area normal to the direction of propagation of electromagnetic wave. The unit is W/m2, also used mW/cm2 and μW/cm2. Power density is a vector quantity and its relation to electric and magnetic fields is: S = E x H 
For a plane wave power density is related to electric and magnetic field...[See more]

OPDS - Resolutions 144/07


O.P.D.S. - Resolution No. 144/07 

 The Provincial Sustainable Development Agency of the Province of BuenosAires-OPDS-through theresolution 144/07 adopted as the limit of exposure toelectromagnetic fields generating facilities in the frequency range above 300 kHz, the"National Standard Security...[See more]

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