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Non-Ionizing Radiation Legislation

City of Buenos Aires


 The City of Buenos Aires, capital of the Republic of Argentina, created the Environmental Protection Agency by Law No. 2628 as independent agency whose purpose is to protect environmental quality through the planning, programming and implementation of necessary actions to comply with the Environmental Policy of the City of Buenos Aires. 

Decree No. 138/08 established the Environmental Protection Agency in its capacity as most competent body will act as environmental enforcement authority of existing laws relating to matters within its competence and in the future be awarded in the fieldCity of Buenos Aires. 

In 2006, the Act 1991 which created the Legislative Commission on the Regulation of transmitting antenna and radio frequency signals bearing structure, with the aim of drafting a bill to regulate matters relating to such antennas and structures installed or installed in the area of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. 

Under this, on 31.12.2008 the Environmental Protection Agency issued Resolution 343/2008 for approving the Protocol for the Evaluation of Non-Ionizing Radiation from 100 kHz to 300 GHz, Methods of Measurement and Reporting Measurement attached as Annex I, II and III respectively integral part of that resolution and supersedes Resolution No. 244-SMAYDS-2001.

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RESOLUTION 343/2008 Environmental Protection Agency Nombre: Res 343-2008.pdf | Tipo: application/pdf | Tamaño: 27.76 kb.
RESOLUTION 343/2008 - Annexes I-II-II- Environmental Protection Agency Nombre: Res00343-08-Anexos I-II-III.pdf | Tipo: application/pdf | Tamaño: 485.12 kb.

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