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Of our company and representations

We provide Environmental Consulting Services Sector lasTelecomunicaciones, making the sale of Instruments for Measuring Electromagnetic Fields in High and Low Frequencies, Network Disconnects and Protective Shield Products and YSHIELD-Shielding Paint on your line HSF 54, fabrics for curtains and RDF-Folios, they also have the representation of the German company GIGAGHERTZ SOLUTIONS for Latin America.
Registered since 2006 in the Register of Consultants of the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development-OPDS, in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, under No. 185, we offer services in the issue of Non-Ionizing Radiation, performing tasks and procedures for businesses telecommunications sector and public sector, with regard to authorizations for sites permitting generators and control of electromagnetic radiation.
We integrate Environmental Business Chamber -C.E.M.A. - Argentina consists of companies that provide goods and services for environmental preservation and improvement of quality of life.

Dr. Fernando Andreoli -on behalf of our company- member since its inception, at the invitation of the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development -OPDS- the STANDING ADVISORY COMMISSION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION NONIONIZING OF THE PROVINCE OF BUENOS AIRES



 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
 Counseling, Assessment and Environmental Management Programs


 Measurement of high and low frequencies.
 Implementation of Permanent Monitoring Systems,
 Advice, Training, Equipment and Program Development and Evaluation in Environmental Management Control Electromagnetic Fields.
 Sales and distribution of measuring instruments and shielding products suitable for measurements of electromagnetic fields of high and low frequencies.


 Site Search Management, Contracts and Renewals.
 Plans and Construction and Electromechanical Projects
 Authorization and Permissions in National, Province and Municipality

The tasks are performed by professionals with proven experience and training, enrolled in professional schools and the Register of Professional OPDS. Have adequate equipment to carry out surveys and measuring instruments suitable for measuring low and high frequencies with certificates of calibration laboratories registered and authorized by DKD, German Calibration Service.

The tasks of high frequency measurement is performed by a team of professionals including engineers enrolled in the COPITEC and include the execution of an NIR measurement report in its conclusions generator determines whether the site is complying with the limits for exposure to power-generating electromagnetic fields in the frequency range above 300 kHz, which were established by the National Safety Standard nationally approved by Resolution (MSY AS) No. 202/95 and the Ministry Manual Health and Social Action Nation to establish the limits of RF exposure with regard to the uncontrolled exposure (Public Exposure.)

The processing of the Installation and Operating Permit regulated by Resolution 87/13 of the OPDS in the area of the Province of Buenos Aires involves the implementation of Annexes II and III of the legislation for sites generating electromagnetic fields in the higher frequency range at 300 KHz.


To represent the german company GIGAHERTZ SOLUTIONS for all of Latin America, in its entire line of instruments for measuring low and high frequencies, spectrum analyzers, network disconnects and other protective shield in relation to electromagnetic fields.
We develop the sale of Products and Protective Armor Shield YSHIELD German company for its line of paints HSF 54 -, curtain fabrics and foils for glass-RDF-high and low frequencies, with excellent results regarding protective shield electromagnetic fields.

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